Download the new version V5.0.4 of CygLink now!

FKHIV 2016

Download the New Version of CygLink
A new version of CygLink V5 has been released (V5.0.4).
This release fixes a bug in the previous version (V5.0.3) where the measurement velocity table would become corrupt sending incorrect information for the measurement velocity table in the MK5 range of Cygnus 4+ and Cygnus 6+ gauges.Please note that the bug does not affect normal operation of the gauge and will only affect those who have set the gauge velocity by using the measurement velocity table – The measurements would be noticeably incorrect if the table has been used.
Click here to download CygLink V5.0.4
As with all the latest software, this new CygLink V5.0.4 is available to download from the Support / Software section on our website:

Please ensure all owners of the Cygnus 4+ and Cygnus 6+ since the 10th August 2016 download the latest version of CygLink V5 and re-send the measurement velocity table to the gauge using CygLink and the USB cable.


If you are unsure about how to download or install the latest CygLink V5, please feel free to contact Cygnus for assistance.