De Zeeman PRO Introduces the Helium Speech Unscrambler by C-Tecnics:

FKHIV 2016

Now we are Talking!

C-Tecnics continues to expand its communication range adding its new 4 Channel Helium Unscrambler unit. Do not want to compromise on quality but looking to save money? The C-Phone HE4R is the lowest priced 4 Channel Helium Unscrambler on the market.

The C-Tecnics unscrambler is suitable for diver’s communication and Saturation Diving system communications. C-Tecnics also offer bunk boxes and chamber speakers. The unit can also be supplied with the C-Tecnics wireless headset.

C-Tecnics, a UK based company are market leaders in the manufacturing of subsea video, cameras, lighting, and communications systems for the diving, ROV, and Scientific markets. C-Tecnics also manufacture a range of diver equipment and hyperbaric equipment. Please contact our sales team for more information.