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broco underwater
Broco® Underwater Introduces the New Ultrathermic Cutting Rod
PLUS With 20% More Cutting and Burn Time
Broco® Underwater announces its latest advancement in underwater cutting, the new advanced design Broco Ultrathermic Cutting Rod PLUS. Based on a new patent-pending design, Broco’s new underwater cutting rod delivers 20% more cutting and burn time than the same size prior generation rod, and burns more evenly than any rod on the market.

Broco® has long been recognized for manufacturing the longest burning cutting rods in the underwater and industrial industries. This new Broco Ultrathermic Cutting Rod PLUS increases burn time 20%, on average, for a 3/8” diameter by 18” long rod. The extra seconds allow for longer burn time and more cutting. In addition, the advanced design rods consistently burn more evenly than any other rods available, offering more of Broco’s exceptional quality with increased performance and value to the customer.

The Broco® Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting Rod PLUS rods are currently available in 3/8” diameter by 18” length, and will be available in 3/8” diameter by 36” length later this year.

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