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Your maintenance specialist for underwater equipment Since 2002, AbyssNaut own state of the art laboratory develops formulas for applications in its field of expertise: professional scuba diving, deep-sea divers and rescuers, but they also extend to sports, leisure activities and decontamination. We also work in partnership with internationally renowned laboratories. All of our formulas have been developed with molecules selected ...


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Commercial diving - Scuba diving Analox Ltd is recognised as a world leader in the design and manufacture of gas sensors and analysers and an acknowledged authority on the monitoring of gases in all branches of the diving industry, from sport to military applications. Analox Ltd has continuously grown since 1981. The Analox name has become synonymous with safety, security, ...


FKHIV Commercial Diving, Military Diving, Scuba Diving

Since its start in the mid-1970s, Apeks has become some of the most respected scuba diving equipment producer on the market, thanks to precision-engineering and the spirit craftsmanship. Having total control over every manufacturing process make Apeks scuba diving regulators the industry benchmark for design, quality and performance. Apeks consistently top independent performance tests throughout the world, reflecting our commitment ...


FKHIV Commercial Diving, Military Diving, Scuba Diving

Aqua Lung is the name that first introduced the world to Scuba diving in 1943 when Jacques-Yves Cousteau developed the first "Aqua-Lung”, and continues today with dedication to quality and innovation in the manufacturing of the world's best professional and recreational scuba diving equipment. Aqua Lung manufactures and markets a complete line of diving equipment ranging from some of the ...


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BARE is a progressive US company with a rich 40 years of history in manufacturing dive, watersports and fishing gear for recreational and professional markets. It produces diving suit lines and accessories for men, women and kids. A wide collection of wetsuits, drysuits, technical drysuits, dry layers and wet layers, mask, snorkels and fins is available.

Bauer Kompressoren

FKHIV Commercial Diving, Military Diving, Scuba Diving

High-pressure breathing air applications. Quality: Our DNA BAUER KOMPRESSOREN provides divers with a supply of clean breathing air, ranging from portable breathing air compressors for private use and professional system installations in diving centers. For recreational and professional divers alike, breathing air is the most important tool in the kit. Bauer’s TÜV-certified NITROX systems offer the same highest standards. Some ...

Buddy AP Valves

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Apdiving specializes in rebreathers and BCDs and its accessories, for all markets and fields of use. Its premium quality products are made in the UK since the 1960s. AP started designing BCDs for divers on Search & Rescue helicopters as early as 1981. Other BCDs followed for RN ships’ divers, special forces, bomb disposal and in 1986, the now famous ...


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Skin Diving Unlimited started in 1963 by opening a dive store in San Diego, making custom wetsuits. Through its innovative designs and techniques it quickly garnered a reputation as to help keep divers warm. In the late 60’s, Diving Unlimited International invented hot water suits and systems for commercial and military divers. This allowed divers to go to deeper depths ...

Fourth element

FKHIV Commercial Diving, Scuba Diving

Fourth Element began in 1999 designing high quality clothing with a simple yet diving oriented style. With backgrounds in design and human physiology, they spent a year and a half researching designs and fabrics for a range of casual and technical diving clothing. The Fourth Element Technical range is designed around the principles of performance, innovation and function. Using the ...

Green Force

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With over half a century of experience in drawing, constructing and subcontracting spare components for the offshore, aircraft, nuclear and automotive industry, Green Force manufacture underwater lighting systems that meet the specific requirements of recreational divers. These products, made in Belgium according the highest industrial standards, are retailed in a technically demanding niche market. The modularity of the Green Force ...